Why is it important to study MBA executive?

This program allows professionals with extensive managerial experience the chance to improve their abilities, abilities and knowledge to multiply the impact on their organizations and society.

It is for this reason that participants who study Executive MBA are a diverse, multidisciplinary and excellence oriented group. They are socially responsible people, with leadership skills, ability to work, rigorous, highly motivated, with an ability to influence and project businesses to the most demanding international stage.

The study Executive MBA is a program designed for senior executives from different functional areas of multinational companies and entrepreneurs or owners of medium and large enterprises.

The program involved leaders from different nationalities, thus enriching the exchange of experiences and perspectives and creating a network of both business and cultural contacts called the EMBA Community. You also need an experience in managerial positions about 8 years and a minimum age of 35 years.


What differentiates the MBA?


First, the concentration on the development of the person: the program has strengthened this by introducing four new individual-oriented materials and their role in the organization.

In fact doubling the time spent on the subject. Today technical knowledge is key but the day to day management is full of challenges interaction.

The methodology is diverse: a quarter of the courses for their content provided to the successful use of the case method, combined with other courses also to optimize its design, opt for workshops, group work, projects, forums virtual, recordings and other teaching resources.

The program’s approach is consistently strategic, which is reflected in their curriculum where we see beginning in the planning phase with Strategy and Competitiveness facilitating the identification of the direction your organization must follow to complete the last phase with internationalization and globalization strategy that leads to aggressive global approach.

Friendship arises again in this space. The fact of being bi-weekly with peers who share ideals and values nurtured by insoluble form new bonds. In this environment, the possibility of really open to new concepts and experiences is cultivated. It is observed that relations are maintained through the five-year periods, and creating a network of both business and cultural contacts called the Community of study Executive MBA.


Master in Management


Such masters are very similar to study executive MBA, although in academic terms are slightly different because the students who are destined usually, recent graduates.

The Master in Management provides students with the knowledge that they can apply in their work.

Many companies demand precisely this kind of profiles, people who have theoretical knowledge but lack professional experience.

Mainly, the Master in Management facilitates student employability, while an MBA is more geared to experienced professionals who want to turn around his career.

The online study executive MBA program is characterized by their flexibility. Not having to attend class, can help make studies and work or personal life. Online MBAs are much targeted at professionals who find it impossible to attend campus classes or fixed schedules compatible with your workday.

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