Why choose a London Business School Executive MBA?


For many, choosing the Executive MBA career is a challenge, because as is well known, is very strong and demanding, so study it requires great responsibility and time. Although there are online MBA programs, the time requirement is still very important.

That is why we will give you several reasons why you should study an MBA in one of the best universities, as is the London Business School. The outstanding Executive MBA program at London provides:

  • A rigorous, demanding and career-oriented that sets high standards of scholarship program
  • Ideas for action, frameworks and thinking tools which are immediately applicable to your responsibilities at work
  • A wide selection of elective courses to focus and gain breadth and depth
  • Knowledge and experience of a world-renowned ability in ongoing corporation with industry and government
  • The opportunity to gain insight from various countries, in collaboration with faculty and participants from a wide variety of national and cultural backgrounds
  • Concentrated international projects to study business issues in both continental Europe and overseas
  • The means to quicken your career growth and progress your contribution to your sponsoring organization
  • A 20-month part-time MBA leading to the same extent as the full-time MBA
  • The opportunity to study and network in London, one of the financial centers of the world.


The impact that the Executive MBA has


Executive MBA participants demonstrate the objective, determination and promise to become senior business men and influential women.

Because EMBA students are in full-time service, they meaningfully enrich their influence and their value to their company from day one by applying their learning. After the program, EMBA students achieve promotion, seek new challenges within their organizations, take different paths or go into new ventures.


London Business School Executive MBA program content


You can develop new knowledge, reflect on the experience, and reach a new understanding in less than two years.

Held for up to 20 months, the Executive MBA program comprises six key elements:

  • Take basic courses in the first year and cover a wide range of disciplines and topics.
  • Choose up to eight elective courses School portfolio of more than 80 courses.
  • The management report can integrate what they have learned in the Executive MBA and apply it to an issue concerning your organization.
  • Improve their understanding of administration tasks across global limitations with the international assignment.
  • Optional skill portfolio proposals a variety of useful skills workshops
  • The program concludes with a final three-day block where students reflect on the program, leverage the value of their degree and aspire to become part of international law London Business School network of 24,500 former students effective.

London Business School Executive MBA recipients


Our EMBA class is comprised of exceptional people who can contribute and benefit from the program.

Similarly and professionals in the accounting, engineering even health professionals may be included in the program because it helps them to increase their business knowledge in their field.

In short, people who are able to bring that something extra to the program.

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