Why attend an Executive MBA


Nowadays, having behind a comprehensive training and professionalizing it is necessary to aspire to a fulfilling working life, and especially to be able to aspire to hold senior management positions.

If you have already entered into a corporate structure and you want to have the possibility of access to positions of greater responsibility, it is advisable to follow more specific training offer: for example, the Executive MBA offered by the Bologna Business School.


What is an Executive MBA

A great writer said that the exams never end, and that’s true. Especially in a society as it is contemporary, highly competitive and highly specialized, they’re never prepared enough to face the world of work, especially when you do not aspire only for general use, but you want to reach a prominent position .

The Bologna Business School was created to offer all graduates who already have managed to find a job, but who wish to always improve, the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

The Executive MBA, in fact, are compatible with a normal working life exist in the formula evening part-time master , or there is the opportunity to attend master on weekends , so it does not interfere in any way with the daily professional activity.


Why choose an Executive MBA if you have encountered

Normally you think that the master and the master classes serve only to those who is looking for a job in order to have more employment opportunities. In fact, it is said that those who have already found a job cannot aspire to a better position, or simply do not want to stand out in your environment thanks to an even more outstanding professionalism.

The Executive MBA from the Business School of Bologna is meant for those who are never satisfied with the achievements already and want to aim higher and higher. Above all, the BBS Master is aimed at those who believe that there is never stop learning, because they give way to confront teachers and professionals from various business sectors.


Benefits for Participants who study Executive MBA

Expand the managerial competence to the Directorate-General’s point of view

Develop the ability to make strategic decisions

Acquire a taste for innovation and change

Refine and strengthen its leadership style

Open the experiences and professional network

Also, there are Benefits Companies that want to make that their employee will grow in order that they study an Executive MBA

One of the benefits to them is that the university motivates the acquisition of new skills for them.

Also, incentives to take greater decision-making autonomy

Facilitate the dissemination of an open management culture to innovation and change

Minimize periods of absence from work due to participation

Quickly recover the investment through immediate application of patterns learned in the course

Each course is organized in such a way that even those who have many commitments can organize their time, optimizing it to the fullest, even through the use of video lessons or distance lessons in Executive MBA.


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