What is Executive MBA?

The executive MBA is a transformation program that is designed to help you realize your leadership potential. Here you’ll get business knowledge, leadership skills and points to accelerate your career where you decide to study it; in London or Dubai.

The Executive MBA prepares you for your professional transformation and become a general and lead director. Whether accelerating your career or developing existing beyond your technical specialty, let the executive MBA is the catalyst for progress towards a more senior role, function or geographical location, the development of your own business.

The format of part-time program is designed to help you balance your career and demanding events with intensive study and professional and personal development of your business. The program itself marks the beginning of your trip, which continues beyond its 20 months in the LBS. As EMBA alumni have the opportunity to continue your development through continuous learning and engagement within the broader community EMBA.


Why choose this program of executive MBA


 This program has many benefits which people like to study in the MBA, here you can learn more about your career or you want to take, so watch every benefit that this program can give you.

You will benefit from unrivaled access to the world’s most influential markets with larger alignments and business leaders in London or Dubai.

You’ll acquire the skills and knowledge of global business to operate successfully worldwide.

You will learn with, and from a highly mobile and unmatched professional group with experience and talent.

You will dive into the school community and executive MBA to develop lasting friendships and business networks.

You have access to cutting-edge research and the latest business ideas of our faculty.

You will work with executive coaches and help you develop your leadership skills and receive guidance each suits your professional needs.

You will benefit from our excellent reputation as a top business school ranking.

Begin to apply new knowledge in practice, vocational immediate delivery.

Develop your global perspective, attending one of our global business missions; Argentina, Moscow, Dubai, Beijing, and South Africa.

Personalizaras your learning experience in the second year, through access to the widest range of electives from any program executive MBA.

You will join students who have increased their wages, on average, 41% in just three years after graduating according to the Financial Times 2015 survey.

You’ll connect with more than 40,000 students from around the world and take advantage of their knowledge and networks throughout your career.

Schedules are flexible, meaning you can study alternate weekends here which means that no matter where in the world you can access this sockets program.

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