What certifications i need to access an MBA abroad?


What certifications i need to access an MBA abroad?

Obtaining a MBA abroad means increased salary and professional development for an executive, by which increasingly are those that are decided by these specializations. However, it is necessary to have some knowledge and certifications to be able to suck up to enter the program in a university of prestige.

According to a study of Education First, one of the most important requirements is the domain of at least one language. “The most important universities require that candidates for an MBA to speak English, which is one of the most spoken and indispensable in the heading of the business. In Peru, only 38 per cent of the executives manage an advanced level of English,” said Valeria Terry, product manager of academic programs of education first.

For the manager, the first step is to consolidate the knowledge in the language. “In EF we offer courses of 6, 9 or 11 months that reinforce in English for everyday speech and professional with elective courses according to the sector of work. This favors the students because if a person dominates a second or third language, could increase their wages up to a 37%”, says the executive.

To access an MBA at a foreign university, it is necessary to count with certifications in languages according to the place that is postulated. Terry indicated some of the tests that are needed to adopt to access a postgraduate abroad:

  • TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language): Requirement for admission to an American university, necessary in more than 6000 universities. It is necessary not only to obtain academic degrees and exchanges abroad, but also to obtain visas.
    • IELTS (International English Language Testing System):Certificationrequested to enter a university in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa.
    Also, another requirement is to obtain certifications valid knowledge abroad that accompany the nomination of the candidate. The programs of preparation Pre master and MBA of EF offer preparation for pay and to approve the following tests:
    • GRE (Graduate Examination Exam): Review of general knowledge required to enter graduate studies in the U.S. has as objective to assess the knowledge in verbal reasoning and quantitative.
    • GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions): standard test that measures the knowledge in mathematics, language and analytical writing.
    Fluency in English is an indispensable requirement. We live in a globalized world and companies must have executives who speak the language that is used for business, says the expert.



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