Trends in the world MBA


Trends in the world MBA


The higher education related to the field of business administration or MBA passes through moments of renewal. Form in management, marketing or finance is not enough today, but it has also to train future managers in competencies such as communication, the discrimination of information and analysis of data and their interpretation by mentioning some distinctive features of the policy of 2015.


As almost always, American schools are those that are above in this training, and hence that the Spanish business schools have been set in the most prestigious business schools as Stanford, the Rotman School of Management (Canada), Timi Akatemia (Finland), Kaos Pilot (Denmark) or the New School (New York) to redesign its executive MBA.


Between trends  will appreciate the following changes:


1) learning is more experimental, the ‘learning by doing’ arrives to the classrooms and soin pupils themselves who learn from their mistakes and correct them to the extent possible.


2) Multidisciplinarity: this training integrates actors, elements and values of different academic disciplines to have different points of view with the objective of improving.

3) the new survey methodologies: technological progress has led to new forms of study where classes give way to the online methodology, much more flexible for all types of students.


4) Professor = coach: Professor today is no longer a mere transmitter of knowledge but also brings a much more holistic experience, being a guide along the process of learning and serving as a mentor for students.


5) Customisation: face to have programs adapted to all types of students, you can approach the master according to the specific needs of each student so that they feel much more integrated in the learning.


Although in the labor market is not essential to have an MBA to be able to get a job, what is certain is that more and more companies are asking for their candidates that have training in business management, and that they will have the necessary skills to be able to direct a company regardless of its size, therefore, this will be a sector in which there will always be demand.


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