Top mba business schools 2016

The 10 best MBA
of the world
The Financial Times launched its listing 2016 of them best programs of MBA of theplanet. This year joined to the ranking the Mexican IPADE, of the University Panamericana, that stands out by the increase of salary that represents for them graduates.
He Financial Times launched this Wednesday its Ranking Global 2016 of them best programs of MBA in the world, listing that lead institutions of France, United Statesand United Kingdom, and in which Mexico is represented by the school of businessof the University Pan American.

The list is determined through 20 variables with a specific weight each, and which include:

Wage weighted 20%; increase of the salary 3 years post graduation 20%; research – articles published by researchers and members of the faculty from 2013 to 2015 – (10%); and members of the faculty with Ph.d. (5%).

Here the 10 best MBA, according to the Financial Times:


The campus of the University in Singapore and France is positioned at the top of the rankings; the average annual income of graduates 3 years post graduation is $166k 510 dollars annually, seeing an increase of 96%.
Harvard Business School
The school of business of the University located in Boston went from the first to thesecond place of the ranking.

The students of this institution come an increase in your salary, three years after complete the course of MBA, of 94%, being 172 thousand 501 dollars the average to the year that win them graduates.

London Business School
This institution, which dropped a rung / ranking in contrast to last year, stands out for that in its power 100 percent of the people have doctorates.
He wage average of them graduates, after three years of get your title, is of 154 thousand 150 dollars annual, what means an increase of the 100% in e l same for thoseprofessionals.
University of Pennsylvania: Wharton
In the business school of Penn that out because 94% of its MBA graduates are employed in the first three months after graduation, descended a step compared to the last year ranking.

The graduates of this institution see an increase of salary of the 84%, establishing isthe average of the same in 177 thousand 877 dollars by year.

Stanford Graduate School of Business
Of them universities in the top 5 of this ranking, the school of business of Stanfordhighlights by be which les gives the wage, three years after her graduation, more high, establishing is the average annual in 185 thousand 939 dollars; the increase in the salary is of 87%.
Columbia Business School
This business school, which stands out because of its MBA graduates have increasedin 99% wage, stayed in the same position as in the list of the last year.

After three years of out of the course to them gradudados them pay on average 169 thousand 866 dollars to the year.

University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley business school / which emphasizes because 100% of the members of its faculty have doctorate and because 45% of its faculty has internationalized with internships or exchanges, climbed the position 10 to 7 in the ranking.

The average of pay after three years of out of the course is of 169 thousand 395 dollars annual; graduates receive a 93% increase in salary.

University of Chicago: Booth
The school of business Booth, that stands out by be which greater increase wage you gives to them graduates in contrast with the first 10 institutions of the ranking-107% of increase-, climbed a place.

The salary that workers perceive after three years of having completed the MBA is 158 thousand 259 dollars per year.

MIT: Sloan
The average salary of graduates of this school of business is 159 thousand $909 per year,perceiving an increase post course of 90%
University of Cambridge: Judge
The school of business Judge passed of the place number 13 of the ranking to the 10 and highlights because the 92% of its students have lived internships or exchanges international.

After three years of study the MBA in this institution, the salary average of them graduates is of 156 thousand 323 dollars annual, seeing an increase of the 95% in the same.

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