Tools for choosing an EMBA

With 20,000 courses worldwide, certifications, labels or classifications offer guarantees on the quality of programs, choosing an EMBA is an easy task

With no official approval, the EMBA has become the leading program in major business schools. There are more than 300 in France and 20 000 in the world.

Making your choice in the market, it is vital to get to attend a quality EMBA, since anybody can open a training through a statement of activity release, and can boast a “certification level” that does not testify to Its quality.

Below we will present some guarantee elements to take into account when choosing an EMBA


The first guarantee element for the French EMBA is:

The Conference of Large Schools

Schools that are members offer a bachelor’s or master’s degree from the Ministry of Education, with specialized teachers or a master’s degree in science. An EMBA has benefit structures, such as international school partnerships. So you should also consider institutions if they have to offer strong programs and sufficient staff.

Other quality assurances when choosing an EMBA are

The International Marks

The EMBA Association accredits the British programs of 19 French institutions and more than 200 worldwide. The adaptation of the program to the needs of the companies is one of the key criteria. The European Quality Improvement System (Equis) label has been awarded since 1998 by the European Management Foundation of Brussels, an association that aims to promote information, research and best management practices. It is accredited to 17 French and 149 locations worldwide and, in particular, requires a high degree of internationalization.


Finally, the Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) has approved 22 French and 727 schools worldwide. Founded in 1916, the American Association has recently opened its accreditation to schools outside the United States, which accounts for the vast majority of EMBA Believed Americans.

Caution is advised of choosing an EMBA, not in any classification and receives no accreditation. Therefore, it is necessary to look closely at programs, teacher licenses and comments from alumni.

The Example of France

Ten French institutions export their EMBA in English, alone or in an association. Six of them have opened offices in Asia (China, Singapore, Japan or Indonesia), others market their MBA in Russia, Qatar, Brazil and even London and Atlanta. The registration was probably carried out by Dauphine, which, combined with the administration of the Business Institute in Paris, also called the Sorbonne Graduate Business School offers an MBA in French in seven countries.

How to explain this success? For the quality of education, of course, but also because of the fact that business schools have been able to excel in programs in the United States of America, open to different business cultures, offer acute specialized training and seize opportunities of globalization in regions in the demand for high-level training when choosing an EMBA.

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