Three Things to Do Before Enrolling in an Executive MBA

There are three things to do before you enroll in an executive MBA.

Spring is usually a strong enrollment period in major business schools. It’s clear: Enrolling in an Executive MBA is an important decision and requires your time: organize the papers, find the funding and choose well.

The latter is the question I often ask myself: How to choose well an MBA? Well, there is no right answer, but there are some factors that candidates should take into consideration.


Importance of rankings to choose an executive MBA

There are many business school listings. So you have to choose well is no easy task. The Economist, The Financial Times and so many specialized media. We recommend to read them, but we should not base our decision solely on these classifications because they meet certain criteria (pre and post MBA salaries, percentage of doctors in the classroom, previous experience, classroom diversity and similar), which are not necessarily the Criteria that fit each candidate.

Likewise, both The Economist and Times Higher Education recognize that they measure according to some previous conditioning. Yes to the rankings as a source to know the reputation of a school, but not as an exclusive criterion.


How much time does an executive MBA require?

If you want to learn a lot. It is not enough to participate in the sessions or perform the exercises with success. It is necessary to take advantage of the school to the maximum and to participate in the extraordinary activities, the clubs, the meetings with professionals and to relate with the surroundings. It is the opportunity to put into practice the network of contacts. Yes, we must study (and much), but above all, we must know, test and form a criterion.



What do we want to achieve when we enroll?

This is very important because each of us has a particular interest. It can be full time or part time; For middle management (3-5 years of experience), recent graduates or management; Specialized or generalize; Face-to-face or virtual; Generalist or specialized; And a long etcetera of specific characteristics.


 Then rephrasing the question: what goal do I pursue?

In addition to these three fundamental elements, we recommend taking into consideration others:

To know the school. Nowadays it is comfortable and accessible to access sessions of virtual and face-to-face presentations of each reference school.

His vision is unique because it brings the experience of having realized a program and a certain perspective. We come up with two alternative sources, such as Linkedin groups, which are increasingly important in the selection and enrollment processes, and reading student blogs.

So you have to choose well an MBA, is vital to know the modalities and programs offered.

Internationalization. For us, it is the only mandatory requirement. We do not recommend an Executive MBA focused only in the national market because reality points us another way. The ESIC goes to China proposal is a good example. The internationalization includes the index of foreign teachers, the origin of the students, the language, the exchange programs, the specific modules on countries or cultures, as well as the alumni network. This condition is the only one that I advise with total clarity: if there is not a complete internationalization program, the MBA is very short.

We recommend taking these tips into account, so choose well an Executive MBA to start and study the master in a satisfactory way.

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