The combination of an executive MBA and another degree to double your chances

Since 2009, the Faculty of Engineering has been offering a prestigious and prestigious course entitled Science and human management. It welcomes every year a dozen doctoral students who prepare their thesis in parallel and an executive MBA, two diplomas recognized throughout Participants are funded by a contract or an industrial doctorate agreement for training through research (CIFRE).

After a polytechnic, Maxime Paul held a PHD from Pierre and Marie Curie University and an MBA between 2010 and 2013. The program is loaded, although the pace of the course is adjusted.

The technical experience in a data processing I acquired during my PHD I use every day, but I was able to develop thanks to the executive MBA.


What are the advantages of combining an executive MBA

If you are a young person who wants to advance in an executive MBA career you only need to know the world of business, the young people who want to achieve this are heading to London because they can acquire management tools in finance or strategy advice.

This allows you to have a foothold in the company, to acquire financial knowledge and entrepreneurship, and quickly take the head of a small team that points the graduate.

He completed his mission in the Channel where he was hired as chief scientist of data, responsible for analyzing large volumes of data.

For its part, the School of Advanced Business Studies in Paris (HEC) has combined two of its renowned programs, the Master of Science in Finance International (MIF) and the executive MBA, in a double degree.

The Panthéon-Assas University alternately proposes a dual MBA degree in business law and management of the bi-disciplinary law and management degree model in the United States.

The candidates are numerous. We are aware that your course is consistent, and we promote the profiles that have followed international curricula. English is important because it is the language of the business law. This double degree is also available in continuing education.

His group Co La Rochelle opted to rely on its eleven specialized MBA to offer its students a double degree. At the end of their training, students are lowering both the Master of our business school and the MBA, which differentiates them from other graduates and promotes their integration into the world of commerce at a higher salary, says Pascal Capellari, program director Of the school’s MBA.

In total, double degrees that involve an executive MBA have many advantages: expand your perspective for a first job, better ensure your course and often develop your international profile.

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