The Best Vacation Study for an Executive MBA

Earning an Executive MBA is an opportunity for advancement in your career and in your salary.

However, choosing where to do this is not always an easy task.

Here we present a ranking of the top 5 universities to pursue a Masters in Business Administration Executive.

To establish we have taken into account factors such as: the average graduates, the wage increase after three years of completion of the program, and the percentage of graduates who manage to get a job in a period of 3 months after completion of the program.


Top 5 Executive MBA universities:


  1. University of Pennsylvania: Wharton (United States)
  2. London Business School (England)
  3. Columbia Business School (USA)
  4. Stanford University GSB (United States)
  5. Harvard Business School (United States)


Why choose the best Executive MBA?


University of Pennsylvania

As regards MBA is one of the leading schools in Executive MBA. This school has graduated founders and leaders of the largest companies in the world, heads of state, ambassadors, Nobel Prize winners, astronauts and other public figures; thus attracting the brightest executives from around the world formed in this university.

London Business School

London is a city with a great diversity of cultures from around the world, with over 300 languages spoken everywhere. Voted best European city for business for 16 consecutive years, making it an excellent choice for an Executive MBA Issue at London Business School, an institution affiliated with the University of London.

Columbia Business School

This school located in New York offers two ways to study an MBA: the traditional program from Friday to Saturday, and a new Saturday program. This course has a cost of $ 154.320, lasting 20 months program. Columbia Business School has forged a path of growth and development for all its students.

Stanford University GSB

Currently has three Nobel laureates among its teachers. Stanford is recognized by the influence of the major center of innovation and entrepreneurship in the world, Silicon Valley.

In recent years, Stanford University has had a high selectivity in the choice of who apply for an Executive MBA  (accept less than 10% of those seeking to enter), this gives the quality of being exclusive, excellence and authenticity. Much of entrants are foreign students.

Harvard Business School

The Harvard Business School Business School give an Executive MBA  program that lasts two years. It is the first year includes core courses and electives second year. Admission to enter the program is a very selective process, studying the experience of the candidates, diversity and academic excellence.

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