Reasons must study an Executive MBA

Business schools are redefining our training for managers at this critical time when studying an Executive MBA

Not only by the crisis but to deepen the knowledge that we consider most important facing the increasingly volatile and globalized market, and where a certain amount of uncertainty occurs.

An interesting fact is that among the professionals master, the unemployment rate stood at the first half of 2012 at 8.17%, almost three times lower than unemployment in Spain, which has been 24.5%.

This difference is not surprising that the number of executives and professionals have increased in the last two years their participation in these training programs assumed as an investment in returnable short term and a commitment to the future.

Therefore, we must invest in adequate and sufficiently updated programs, to improve training and seek a future in which crises do not take place as long and deep as we are living.

We must properly train professionals so that their decisions contribute to Spain and work more productive and competitive, and recover its economy with sustainable growth levels.

Skills must be worked and improved, which will facilitate problem solving in times of crisis, and managers will be strengthened in leadership, communication, and teamwork and results orientation.

In ENAE Business School we work on business realities to study an Executive MBA, where students derive real strategies in first person, which may even be different for each, to solve similar issues. This is to teach analyze, reason according to company situation and market and make the best decisions in each case.

And most importantly, our commitment to increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of each student, ensuring the adaptation of the profiles required by companies.


7 reasons why studying an Executive MBA


  1. To invest in yourself; productivity, efficiency and effectiveness will increase. I want to improve personal and professional development. Studying an Executive MBA gives management skills development becomes more relevant in an adverse economic context like the present.
  2. To update, deepen and increase knowledge in management and business management. This requires foster new areas of strategic knowledge as the digital economy, corporate globalization and emerging markets, and practice innovation as the basis of differentiation.
  3. The globalization of the economy and the growing internationalization of companies is leading to changes in the markets. You need to know these changes and their likely evolution.
  4. The management and administration by studying an Executive MBA assumes that it follows a strategic policy, and knows the interaction between production policies, marketing, financial management and control people with all this. I must master these issues.
  5. To learn management skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, high-performance, time management, emotional intelligence and negotiation. All this to make the best decisions at all times.
  6. ENAE offers excellent networking network in Spain and Latin America. Well for the development of professional activity, either to embark on a new business project.
  7. The adoption of new technologies in teaching methods in ENAE, allows managers formed partly from home or work, hold meetings remotely attend conference calls, present papers, using “gadgets” applications, and digitized virtual campus as well as offering tablets to students studying an Executive MBA content

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