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GMAT: the test to access a master MBA schools most prestigious business world require overcoming this test to access their academic programs
More than 4,000 graduate programs nearly 1,800 business schools around the world include overcoming the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) between the admission requirements to their classrooms. This test, conducted entirely in English and is characterized by its high level of difficulty, measured analytical, mathematical and verbal ability of the candidates and their results may be decisive when obtaining a place.
What is the GMAT
Anyone who has raised performed outside our borders a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Finance, in marketing, or any other business related area, knows that to qualify for a place in one of these programs academic it is essential to previously perform the dreaded Graduate Management Admission Test, better known as the GMAT. In fact, overcoming this test is required by more than 1,800 business schools in 94 countries around the world that use GMAT scores as one of the most important criteria for selection when admitting candidates to any of the more than 4,000 graduate programs offered in their classrooms. Also, in our country, some of the most prestigious academic institutions such as the Instituto de Empresa (IE), IESE or ESADE, support this test as an alternative to their own internal selection tests.

600,000 students last year and more than 23,000 in just the first two months of 2008 have been submitted to this test introduced in 1954. What does the GMAT who have no other test or evaluation? First its international character, since it is possible to take the exam in 236 states of the world, this allows schools who take the program can be evaluated in a standardized manner to all candidates, usually from different countries. Second, the test format itself, that far from being an evaluator mere knowledge, aims to assess the skills of the candidates in those areas that will be developed during their academic training in the field of business, serving and to select those that are most likely to carry out their studies successfully. This is critical for academic programs, as they often receive applications from graduates in various academic and professionals from different sectors areas, and the GMAT allows them to measure the same criteria for those skills that matter most.

Moreover, the operational characteristic of the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), responsible for this test organization, greatly facilitates both candidates as schools and centers, administrative procedures involved the examination. GMAC is responsible to refer directly to a report of the results of aspiring educational institutions which it has previously selected.

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