MBA and executive MBA, two paths depending on the degree experience

The scope of the masters of business administration is very wide.

However, rather than continue with it must be made clear the essential variances between the two types of basic MBA offered.
Which they are normal and the Executive.
It is noteworthy that there is a great need for specialization and variety of graduate programs,
It has led to programs aimed at corporate management have been organized following specific criteria: the standard programs or executive.
It is therefore that while these two programs can be delivered to the same business school, the target of both is very different from each other.
On the one hand, an MBA is aimed primarily at people who intend to acquire expertise in the field of management.
Or turn address to business management, but need not be skilled in the art.
By contrast, in the case of standard MBA students, the profile is usually more specific training to break into the labor market.

Difference between MBA and Executive MBA


First, keep in mind that these studies are primarily aimed at those who want to learn entrepreneurial skills.
However, students may well be practically new to the topic or have years of experience and professional performance in the field.
The first difference is the customer profile.
That is, they are university graduates who have just finished the career and they need a more detailed or known to break into the world of business training.
However, the Executive MBA are more intensive masters oriented primarily to:
• Executives
• Executives
• Businessmen
• Managers
Which, take some time working in this area and wish to strengthen their knowledge.
In this sense, to access this type many business schools even need a document confirming that carry more than three years in office.

Schedules to study in which an MBA and Executive MBA works

Schedules to study in which an MBA and an Executive MBA works

Based on all this, yet another feature of differentiation states times.
It is noteworthy that the normal MBA usually held during the week.
Although there are two types:
First, the MBA Full Time, occupying almost all day.
Second, Part Time MBA, who work in the morning or afternoon a few hours of the day.
The latter are designed for those graduates who work to pay for their studies or have already opened a small way in business administration.
In other words, The Executive MBA Part Timeshare with the aim of adapting to the workplace.
That is why most of them are taught considering that executives can not spend time throughout the week.
And because of this, their hours are restricted to Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.
Subsequently, this formula usually involves less time than traditional MBA training, which makes them reduce the price.
However, this increases to be treated with the highest level of studies and technical complexity.

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