Have an MBA gives more prestige to our curriculum


Have an MBA gives more prestige to our curriculum


In the current labor market there is a great competition and to do this the best weapon to compete is the training.


In addition have the qualification is important and know how to administer it in the world of work can become the ideal candidate.


We can say that pursuing an MBA is the summit of the study after a degree in business administration and management.


In these last few years have increased the MBA studies a 50%, considering the business elite. The demand for search for an MBA is a tendency that increases and thus the squares and the courses.


The option must be chosen after learning about the different MBA that there is at your fingertips. The first thing to know if what we want is to appear in your curriculum, bright, once the university career and have little experience or if the profile is of professional already formed on the labor market, then the MBA would go on another line.


A study published by The Financial Times, says that one out of every three (31%) executive directors of the 500 best international companies has a title of MBA.


American schools are leaders in training MBAs. In Spain the trend is on the rise. There are great leaders who have MBA as Rafael Villaseca framework, current CEO of Natural Gas, the new CEO of Banco Santander Jose Antonio Alvarez, Cesar Alierta, CEO of Telefonica and Gonzalo Gortázar, CEO of CaixaBank.


It is clear that the obtaining lends prestige to level labor and schools expect to students interested to form in MBA and encourage them to companies of prestige.


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