Executive Master: choose the most appropriate for your needs

Executive Master, the enhancement of a career

Perhaps it goes without saying that the University of Bologna, including Bologna Business Schools part, is the oldest university in the Western World and offers the Executive Master. Probably it is well known, but it helps to better understand who we’re talking about. Thanks to the exchange of ideas and relationships connected in time, Alma Bologna Business School now looks like a set of people and opinions, or if you prefer ideas. What makes a training course a good course? The ideas expressed therein, the concepts explained to participants who may use them in the workplace. Basically the idea, in the complexity of the topics that can be treated, it is very simple.

What is an Executive Master?

Generally, the Master is considered to be the natural continuation of the university education of an individual, with that they are complete and prepare the person to his entry into the world of work. The Executive Master does more: it is aimed at those already involved in an occupation, in order to refine their skills in the world of work and, consequently, help to manage them well. BBS offers a wide range of specializations to choose from, from marketing to sports management.

Executive MBA or EMBA

EMBA is the acronym for Executive Master in Business Administration, one of the formative BBS offers. This training course is aimed at top executive, the young executive, but also the one with the most seniority and entrepreneur. Regardless of the sector of operations of the company and its size.


An Executive Master in Business Administration has several objectives, all sharing the deepening of knowledge in the business world : the development of issues related to competitive markets and its branches; learn to deal with the important people in the world economy; fathom the logic of work and, consequently, its methodologies. The ultimate goal is to bring the candidates to be super skilled managers who make the vision of the enterprise together their strength at work.

Increasingly, BBS is committed to ensure a high training proposal compatible with the times of people who must be reconciled with the times and the demands of work. Also, not to be ignored totally, creating solid relationships among the members of the course which represent an invaluable human capital, beyond the training acquired.

The Importance of Business Administration was clearly evident by the fact that a master’s degree in this particular field of knowledge is considered one of the highest paths postgraduate qualifications in the world that a manager could follow. For those who want to dedicate or already dedicate to the business world as work and business tip to top, in-depth knowledge of this subject is essential element.


EMBA Part-time

The attention that the school has for participants in its courses not only in external training program or in the selection of teachers, but also in attention to the needs of the participants.


Why the part-time EMBA

Aimed at users who actively work within the world of work, the course must necessarily have adequate timing to this reality. The continuous contact with the realities of work, but above all with the areas of Human Resources companies, led the BBS to the realization that two full days of training in a month are the best (on average) a company can enable its managers and executives senior, whose absence from strategic positions is a fact not secondary; but the discussion also applies very well to the entrepreneur who wants to expand his skills.

Here, then, the offer of courses that develop during the weekend (Friday and Saturday); can affect a small part on absence from work for their participants in Executive Master. Also, to try to meet the needs of all, BBS also offers training courses in the evening part-time (no classroom activities during the weekend).For example, classes will also join online sessions that have the depth function.

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