Cheap Executive MBA for less than you think


Maybe the next schools  may not have the luxury or recognition of a Columbia or a Wharton, but you can found nearly 50 Business Schools in USA that offer Cheap Executive MBA for less tan 50k $ in total.

Everywhere, this kind of degrees can be very costly. The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School program in San Francisco has a breath taking price tag of more than 172k $. Most of the best ranked schools has prices all well above six figures.


But, are there any reasonably priced executive MBA programs out there?

The answer is: Yes, of course. We bring you here nearly 50 Schools in USA that offer cheapexecutiv MBAs for less than you think. Obviosuly they not have the cachet of other universities such as Chicago Booth or Northwestern Kellog, but many of these cheap programs cost just a third or less than the big brand MBAs, and they can mean a increase in your salary. You’ll take similar courses in all the business basics but cheaper.

Imagine a Cheap Executive MBA for a flat $10,000. It’s possible at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, in a 2-years program with a class size of 50 participants with at least 9 years of work experience. Disposable only to officers and senior civilians in the Navy.

So the number one Cheap Executive MBA  in the world is a bit of an aberration.  Ohio University’s program in Athens, Ohio, at a simple 29k $ for all the grade  — only 1/6 the cost of Wharton’s San Francisco degree.

Do you want a price tag mor incredible than that? then go to Benedictine College’s 22,200k $ offer, a accelerated grade, 1 year experience in Atchison, Kansas.

Ohio’s price tag for MBA programs has stayed the same in the last 3 years. At the same time the most of the schools increase their tuition by mor than 3% every year.


What about the distance and the alumni?


These offers are not only in the hinterlands. Ther are cheap executive MBA programs in new york, Chicago, and San Francisco. A lot of these progams in these schools are new, so their alumni networks are something lacking. The largest alumni networks of all these cheap schools is Lake Forest, which has graduated 7700 participants. St Mary’s in Caligornia, 4000 participants and Brigham Young, which has turned out more than 1,600 grads.

For sure, there are a lot of differences between the expensive universities and these opctions. It’s like the difference between flying coach and first class. Is not just the name of the university, you’re likely to sit in classrooms with professors who are not the best in this area, even when they are very good. If there’s a stay over night, you’re not going to be put up at the swanky Hotel Le Meridien in San Francisco’s financial district  an inclusive part of Wharton’s pricey program. And you’re also not going to be given gourmet meals, which are often a part of an upscale, big brand executive MBA program.

But you are saving a lot of money and maybe is the only option you have to reach your dreams in this industry. Besides, some of these schools are very ranked and ahs a pretty good reputation. Two good examples: Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management, highly ranked for its full time MBA program, has an executive version for $42,000. Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Management, also highly regarded for its fulltime MBA program, has a $45,000 executive MBA, with a weekend option in Salt Lake City and a weeknight option in Provo.


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