Business Schools more profitable

Here we give a list of the most prominent Business Schools, where Stanford Graduate School of Business appears with the first in the ranking.

Schools most profitable businesses during the first half of this year have already been identified by Forbes magazine. Through its sixth biennial ranking, based on the investment performance of graduates from each school, it shows that alumni of the best MBA programs still receive huge salaries for their degrees.

Ethics, sustainability, and social responsibility have positioned themselves as the new core values to every manager. While the philosophy of the ancient Business Schools focused on aggressive management training, new programs want to train effective managers, aware of the problems of society.

Technologies, new generations and evolution itself in the business world require managerial skills that traditionally were not as necessary, but  today have become essential to lead.

It is true that traditional skills are still needed, but you have to adapt to what is demanded on the market today. Only in this way can we be participants in the transformation and implementation of best practices in the company.

Communication, teamwork and the ability to cultivate good relations are essential in a world in which the communicative dimension has reached the limit. Today’s leaders must know how to motivate, closer to its employees and to the reality of the company. Only then they can understand, help and learn from your computer and take advantage of the collaborative work and the contributions that each worker can perform.


IPad dictates Program Management Services of Business Schools


The course will begin in September, it is part of the joint programs that dictates the Mexican institution with the IAE Business School in Argentina.

The course is aimed at those most responsible for the organization, and executives involved in the general management of the company.


Terms and Conditions of Business Schools


The current economic scenario has led companies to seek new ways to be competitive and add value. To do this, not only they have had to focus on service, but also a comprehensive understanding of this process.

Based on these aspects, the IPADE Business School in Mexico will issue, in conjunction with the IAE Business School in Argentina, the “Program Management Services” which aims to teach participants to design and create models that incorporate simultaneously to all stakeholders, to help obtain excellent results.

The course will provide the necessary to accelerate and increase design capacity of competitive services, achieve greater focus and effectiveness of the capabilities of the organization, and harmony between individual performance and customer satisfaction tools.

The program of Business Schools will include related customer value and service offering, customer loyalty and customer retention, satisfaction and quality, a model of service quality, service as a process and the process of the service content, the client’s role in the operation service, leadership and service culture, among others.

The course is aimed at those most responsible for the organization, and by extension officers closely linked to the general direction of the company.

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