An International MBA increases your chances of employment up to 95%


An International MBA increases your chances of employment up to 95%

Those profesionales who study an MBA International increasing their employability between 90 % and 95 %. So says Bethlehem Mariño Brell, Director of International Area of the European University of Madrid.

MBA are the initials of the Master of Business Administration, a postgraduate program that is usually recommended to graduates and professionals who wish to develop their activity in the field of corporate management.

According to the specialist, this program provides participants with an overview of the business and the soft skills necessary to be able to propose innovative initiatives that transcend borders.

The expert noted that, then consolidated in their countries of origin, large companies in the world are in a process of expansion and convergence. Therefore, require partners who not only have the technical skills, but also can desempañarse with success in any context and culture, to design and implement strategies hospitalizations and that dominate the business intelligence.

During his visit to the Private University of the North (UPN), explained that the professionals who continue this program must have a minimum of two years experience in the business sector.

“Many young people excited to enhance their curriculum vitae, studying the International MBA without having a solid understanding of the processes. For this reason, did not achieve the best results,” he added.

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